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Yes, you have found them, the SOF A-TEAM



Through over 20 years of service in Naval Special Warfare as a Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL), my experiences have provided some unique on the job training. Our Team is comprised of similarly experienced Special Operation Forces (SOF) SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets, PJ's and other Veterans. SOF Adventures applies these cumulative experiences to enhancing your ability and maximizing your adventure.

SOF Adventures is not a traditional guide service. From mission planning to trip execution, we'll teach you to do it on your own. There is no experience necessary to get started on your outdoor adventure.


Our Team Members have lived and operated in austere locations around the world. The ability to execute no fail mission standards in these environments is the result of countless hours of arduous training in multiple disciplines. 

With SOF Adventures Veteran enabled outings, you get the cliff notes, lessons learned and best practices from our cumulative experiences to enhance your ability and eventually plan your own adventures with confidence. SOF Adventures customizes adventures to your skill level and brings the adventure to you.



(COI's)  In the military we have so many acronyms we've made encryption obsolete


  • Customizable Length

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Leadership Development 

  • Challenge Scenarios

  • Spot and Assess /   Recruit and Develop

Corporate, Schools and Team Building Outings

  • Hiking/Backpacking

  • Camp Management

  • Camp Fire

  • Gear and Equipment

  • Mission Planning

  • Glamping Optional

Group (6 minimum) Adventure Outings 


  • Basic Climbing (Vertical Assault)

  • 4x4 Overland Mobility (Ground Mobility)

  • And More...

More COI's In Development And Coming Soon...



We've been told we are special. In fact, we earned the title....

Not everyone is prepared to take on an outdoor adventure on their own. Even if the desire exists, often there is a gap in Knowledge, Skill and Ability (KSA). We bridge the gap.

We are experience focused, not location locked. With the SOF Adventures solution we select a viable outdoor location near you. No need to build 2 days of travel and the related cost, stress and hassle into your itinerary. You already live within a 3-4hr car ride of awesome adventure areas.

SOF Adventures brings everything required to complete the task. Just bring the right attire (we'll help here, as required). No investment in gear. You get to test drive our stuff that we chose because it worked in the Special Operations Community. 

You may currently be reconsidering the trip to Wally World amusement park, that high population density cruise or other traditional vacations. SOF Adventures is standing by with options to disconnect and get outdoors.

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A Force Multiplier, simply put, makes more. We've trained Foreign Forces to recruit teammates or tell a buddy to build a combat force. One becomes two, two becomes six. Wet the gremlin, feed 'em after midnight, instant party! 

Be a Force Multiplier recruit 5-11 like minded teammates who want SOF Adventures to bring the adventure. Our trips are custom built for corporate outings, outdoor enthusiasts, even those who just want to give camping a try without the commitment to purchasing equipment. 

Figure out a timeline that works best for your team. Compared to that trip to Yosemite requiring airfare and travel time, we maximize your time on target.

Select one of the baseline packages, add customization and Choose Your Own SOF ADVENTURE... contact us at this point. We'll get your trip booked, start our mission planing cycle and follow up with a trip package.

Courses and dates will fill quickly, lock in your trip before your dates are booked.


The SOF Adventures insignia concept was forged from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) spear point emblem. Special Operations Forces adopted the tip of the spear as representative of the first force typically used in combat. As USSOCOM Veterans, our spear is battle hardened, marred but still sharp. Chip-like serrations enhance the spear's cutting ability. The spear now sits at rest, but is always ready.

Hiking Trail

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

John Muir



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